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BBSITTER COT 120 x 60 cm

bbsitter is the first intelligent cot with integrated learning. Your sensor will make the cot learn what movements calm your baby, to recreate these sequences whenever

No one knows more about a baby than their own parents, and therefore, in addition to the smart way bbsitter incorporates parental control to choose from the 6
available movements.

bbsitter also has surveillance light or night company, measurement of the temperature as well as humidity level of the room, to make your room as safe and comfortable as possible. All this is made possible through an APP (currently available only for Android).

Your bbsitter will be unique because your baby is unique.

Listen to your baby
and learn your
favourite moves.

Parents can choose from
between 6 movements. The
heartbeat will remind it of the
mother’s womb.

Measures the temperature and
humidity to always obtain the
most comfortable surrounding
for your baby.

Through the APP you can select six movements available or smart mode can be activated so that the actual cot which selects the most adequate movement which it
has learnt for your baby.

In addition, the accompanying light can be activated to be able to see the baby without waking it up, or control the humidity and temperature of the room.

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120 X 60 cm (Int. 117 x 59.5 cm ext. measurement length 120.8 cm - width 63.2 - height 99.3 cm).

Material: Beech / Lacquered MDF.

European Safety Certificaton.

European Homologation: UNE-EN 716-1/2:2008 (+A1:2013) .

Colour: White-White / White-Aluminium / White-Copper / White-Scandinavian.


  • Two bed frames.
  • Fixed side.
  • 4 wheels with smart brake.
  • Cot controlled by app including battery (currently available only for Android).


  • Cot mattress 120 x 60 cm.
  • Pillow 60 CH-570.

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