Sweet Bear is one of the parents and babies favourite collections. Is it because they fall in love with its teddy? Because it is made of the highest quality woods from sustainable forests? Is it because of convenience? Because of its two-positions bed frame?

The Sweet Bear Cradle 120x60cm is designed and made in Spain with beech wood from sustainable forests. 

Alternatively you can add several Micuna systems: The DUO kit can convert two cradles into twin cradles. The Pendulum System system allows the rocking of the cradle using a rocker drawer or the RELAX SYSTEM a practical system by means of which you can place the mattress of the cradle in two different positions: in a horizontal position and one with an inclination of 7º to 10º without needing to get the baby out of the cradle or to wake him up.

Do not miss either its small bathtub alongside its fabric collection that will delight you.

Relax System Optional Drop down side Twin kit Pendulum System Catálogo Micuna Kit BE2IN KIT DESK
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120 X 60 ( Int. 117 x 60 cm )

Material: Beech - MDF Lacquer

Colours: White

Features: 2 bedframe positions / Lateral mobility / With wheels


CP-949 luxury drawer under the cradle

CP-1688 Rocker Drawer

CP-744 Cradle changer

CP-1775 Kit Relax

CP-1774 DUO Twin Kit

Cradle mattress 120 x 60 cm

Available matching fabric

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