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  • The cradle bag is made of 100% en pique cotton creating a delicate velvety softness suggesting the feeling of wrapping the baby in a soft cloud. It includes a low part attached to the bag with a zipper which prevents the baby from opening it. P>

  • Pack of two lower adjustable cotton sheets with a zipper to be able to join the pouch and prevent the baby from opening it. One white and another stamped with the delicate motifs of the Cotton Blue mini-set; cloud, heart and star.

  • Circular Canopy manufactured in solid wood with a heart patch that can fit into the mini-cradle. Made of white tulle and curled in velvet which gives it a very delicate aspect. 

  • Cotton Blue a mini-cradle that offers a new concept of a solid wood structure combined with an interior of transparencies and soft textiles. A canopy set embedded in a heart of wood and a textile of transparencies and hanging figurines. With our optional rocker, you can facilitate your baby entering the deepest sleep. 

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items